RGV SunShades has worked with a variety structural fabricators throughout the San Antonio area and we have the experience to tackle any fabrication job large or small. We strive for the best quality steel in Texas. All structural steel shall conform to ASTM standards and procedures to ensure quality and safe use.

Powder Coating

All of our aluminum frames and columns are powder coated with a coating based on polyester TGIC, a minimum of 4 mils thick, and cured at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. We also provide epoxy paint systems to any application upon request. All of our steel is chemically washed and sand blasted.

Shade Rendering Design

RGV SunShades provides drawings and site-specific details to illustrate approximate coverage and styles. Drawings and Artist Rendering available upon request.

Types of Steel

The force of wind should not be underestimated! Professional engineering to determine the tension load of each column is very important. We have different types of steel, round pipe, square tubing and aluminum. Every application is different and we will always strive for the best aesthetic appeal.

Attachments – Roofs & Walls

Various brackets are utilized to attach to buildings roofs and walls. Each type of bracket will depend on the angle of attachment of the fabric membrane. Our design specialists will determine the most efficient bracket design.


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Footings/Piers sizes are determined by the structure size, column heights, structure location, wind speeds and soil conditions. We are experienced with most all footer detail applications.


We have installed hundreds of shade structures throughout San Antonio. Our experience speaks for itself and we pride ourselves in providing a fast, clean and efficient installation. Our account representatives are trained in every aspect of the installation. RGV SunShades endeavors to provide only the best quality product and matched with our excellent customer service.

Custom Post Construction

Most standard dimension structures are available for both base plate and direct embedment. On sizes greater than 30’ X 40’ more than 4 columns are required, if 4 columns are necessary then columns sizes will increase.

Custom Shade Measurements

It is necessary to procure a site plan as early as possible and would be ideal to have it in hand when you take the site measurements.

On-Site Quote Analysis

All quotes are specific to each geographical location. In addition to the site plan it is helpful to obtain drawings of the buildings and structures to which we are working with. This is important, as most municipalities require a 15 – 25 foot setback from property lines for any structure.

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