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Located in the Rio Grande Valley. ​Our goal is to provide our customers with quality shades throughout South Texas and surrounding city areas. We currently service the McAllen, Mission, Pharr, Weslaco, Harlingen, Edinburg area, to name a few, with made in Texas products and top notch service. Our team of experts can help you create a more pleasant outdoor experience with High Quality sun shades, giving you more to love of your outdoor space.

RGV SunShades was founded in 2010 in McAllen Tx. Our first products offered were Shade Sails, and as the years went by we added more products, as well as geographical service expansion. 5 years later the business was relocated to a bigger location in San Antonio, TX. Before long we were servicing Austin, New Braunfels, Floresville, Boerne, Fredericksburg, San Marcos, Bastrop, Round Rock and even Uvalde. Not to mention that with the help of our customers looking for new and innovative shade solutions, we quickly expanded and began servicing commercial properties throughout Texas. We have designed and developed some original Sun Shades which are now finding their way into some of the best restaurants throughout Texas. We are proud to offer the highest-quality sun shades available to residents and business owners all across the Texas.

For the most part, our sun shades are either made in the Texas or assembled here, we work with local companies to offer the best pricing-for-the-quality available throughout Texas. It is our goal to provide our customers with the very best sun shades in the San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Floresville, Boerne, Fredericksburg, San Marcos, Bastrop, Round Rock and Uvalde areas, and best of all, assembled in Texas. We believe in sustaining a strong economy for the San Antonio area which will provide quality jobs for our future, as well shade for everyone to enjoy. So whether you are from San Antonio, Austin, or San Marcos give us a call TODAY! and don’t be hesitate to ask us where your sun shade came from, we are glad to tell you. Oh and yes we do residential… some of our visitors to this site may wonder, but we understand that home owners need shade too.

Sun Shade Applications

Shade sails have many applications. They can be used for a myriad of different applications. Some common examples include:

– Back yard Shades
– Pool Shades
– Carports
– Deck Shades
– School and Kindergarten Shades
– Architectural Shades Sails
– Car Parks
– Nurseries
– Children’s Play Areas
– Window Coverings

Shades can be made into almost any shape to suit the surrounding landscape.

When it comes to applications for sun shades, the possibilities are endless, often limited only by your imagination.

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Professional Installation

RGV SunShades only uses American-Made Premium quality materials.


What set’s us apart

Shade Experts: Our Account Executives are dedicated to providing quality service. We always look for the best application possible to provide a functional product with best design and price. We will analyze every option to determine the best style and sun & heat protection.

Design: RGV SunShades has the design expertise to create a custom shade solution for any unique application. We have a large selection of standard sizes and custom designs are readily available.

Quality Materials: Quality materials are part of providing the best products. Developing a product that performs to customer standards and manufacturing code is our daily goal. RGV SunShades stands behind every written warranty.

Site Survey: Every quotation is reviewed with a completed site survey to determine every cost related aspect for a quality and stress free installation.

Warranty: Warranty is a key aspect of every shade structure purchase. We are not like many shade companies out there that do not stand behind their warranty. We will explain every detail of the warranty and provide you detailed warranty information.